As required by the UK Government under the Public Health (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020, we have assessed the risks in relation to the COVID-19 Coronavirus and ensured that there are adequate controls in place within our managed space. Our Risk Assessment is available upon request by contacting:

REM have utilised the ‘hierarchy of risk’ approach in ensuring that we prioritise the elimination of risk over the management of risk, where reasonably practicable. If we are unable to eliminate the risk to persons, we use ‘engineering’ (collective protection) controls, and if we are unable to use these controls, we utilise ‘management’ and personal protective controls. We will regularly review the risk assessment, consult with our people on the risks and controls, and ensure we always put the health, wellbeing and safety of our people first.

The key outcomes that we have identified in re-occupying our offices during the coronavirus pandemic are that:

  • this COVID-19 Secure Risk Assessment has mitigated each risk, but by differing proportions depending on control effectiveness and external influences
  • shielding at home of ‘’Clinically Extremely Vulnerable’’ employees and others must continue under current Government guidelines, and ‘Vulnerable’ employees will still be expected to take additional, reasonable precautions
  • the use of public transport to access and egress the workplace is not recommended under current Government guidelines
  • the most significant risk of exposure / infection identified is travelling to and from the workplace on public transport, for those with no alternative means of transport
  • the risk of exposure and infection of COVID-19 is significantly reduced within REM-managed buildings that are ‘COVID-19 Secure’
  • the risk of mental ill-health conditions being present within our people is considered (anxiety, stress, depression) and further controlled through our remote working guides, and our wellbeing and support opportunities

The key controls that we have in place to ensure we are protecting our people, and others affected by our activities, are:

  • requesting that people continue to work from home if they are able to do so, utilising the virtual online meeting media available
  • ‘engineering’ controls (collective protections) including fresh air supply to offices, physical screens and barriers, desk space separation
  • ‘management’ controls such as isolating and segregating people through rotas, shifts, room capacity restrictions and one-way systems
  • personal protection controls include providing reassurance to REM Team members about the measures in place, hand-washing, office sanitisation and regular cleaning, COVID-19 awareness and instruction, signage, PPE face-masks delivered, and other adjustments to our physical and working environment

We will continue to appraise the on-going position of the pandemic and government response, and will therefore regularly review and communicate our COVID-19 Secure risk assessment to our people.