Andrew Sell, Commercial Director at REM speaks about the impact of today's globalised business environment.

The impact of today’s globalised business environment has been well documented. Companies face a war for talent and a constantly connected marketplace. When looking for new office space, potential occupiers are quick to address the first point and employees are usually front of mind:

‘Will they like the light and the views?’

‘Can they get home easily from the office?’

However, only a fraction of that attention is paid to a building’s ability to keep a company connected to its employees, suppliers and clients. Businesses face tough competition, not only from their neighbours, but also rivals from all over the world, so any down time can have serious consequences.

In this competitive market, the ability of the workplace to support business connectivity should be a mission critical concern. Technological infrastructure and its resilience should therefore be afforded as much attention when looking for a new office, as the quality of the building’s physical space and location.

As The Shard’s Asset and Property Manager, our ambition at REM is to create a vertical city sitting above London Bridge Station. It’s an environment that brings together a number of different use classes, meaning we had to provide an infrastructure that would support a huge array of technical demands. From Al Jazeera’s newsroom to Leonteq’s trading floor, the common thread amongst our 29 diverse office occupiers and leisure tenants is their reliance on high speed, robust and resilient telecom connections, combined with an equally resilient power supply.

Although this all sounds technically demanding, ensuring a building is well-equipped and future-proofed to withstand the rapid pace of change is relatively straightforward. Over 43,000 metres of Prysmian Blown Fibre Architecture and the same volume of copper wiring was mounted during construction at The Shard, which enables occupiers in turn to install fibre for broadband and telecoms. The Shard’s resilience is further enhanced by benefitting from three separate power supplies. 

The Shard has seven Internet Service Provider (ISP) suppliers and eight Telecoms providers to give occupiers a choice of services. Our highly skilled installation team can get connections up and running in around six hours. In-Building Mobile Communications means that GSM, GPRS and other services can be extended from the building’s ‘backbone’ to ensure high quality coverage is maintained regardless of level or office layout.

The Shard’s telecoms and broadband infrastructure was recently certified Platinum by international connectivity accreditor WiredScore, the highest rating available. WiredScore provide prospective occupiers with a hallmark to quickly assess which buildings have the resilience to support their business. Will you be looking for the connectivity and resilience hallmark as well as location on your next office move?